Learn about the parts that make up the stator of the electric motor

In the electric motor, two pieces are differentiated in an essential way and these parts are the stator which is the set of elements that are fixed to the electric motor housing and the rotor having fixed elements around its axis.

The rotor of the electric motor has armature shaft that is who transmits mechanical energy from the electric motor, the internal support elements of the rotor and the stator fixed with the aid of bearings and plain bearings. The core of the electric motor armature comprises blades that are isolated from each other and their axial grooves are at its periphery, as well as the armature windings are placed.

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The armature winding comprises electric motor rotor are coils which are insulated from each other and electrical manner are connected to the switch and finally, the electric motor commutator comprises a ring having copper segments are insulated from each other and electric way connected At the armature winding coils.

Electric motor called a single-phase motor

Understand the reason for the electric motor is called a single-phase motor

The single-phase electric motor gets its name because its field windings come into operation when connected in a direct way to a single phase supply. The electric motor of single-phase induction is a natural alternative considered to polyphase induction motors at points where there is no three-phase power.

Among the various types of single-phase electric motors are: electric motor with cage rotor and here’s highlight is the simplicity with which it is made, its robustness, reliability and maintenance is reduced.

How is powered only by a phase, single phase electric motor not pssui a rotating field to have polyphase motors, but they have a pulsing magnetic field. CDP3310 2016

This field appear prevents the starting torque is taken into account and the rotor which induces magnetic fields that are aligned with the stator field.

Electric motor types

The two main types of electric motors are single phase and three phase. Each will work in a different way, but both will seek to offer the same purpose, but in different applications. While the former can be used in most basic purpose, the latter is suitable for more complex purposes.

Analyzing the entire history of the electric motors p-lp-135 is possible to understand how evolution has changed the landscape of industries and also the trade itself. Today you have a simple lift that uses the electric motor to function, various types of vehicles that are gaining the implementation of the machine and also appliances you use every day.

The different types of electric motors are being implanted into segments according to the need. Their function is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, regardless of their model. What motivated the growth of these machines was the economy and efficiency provided by them.

Understand what is the elastic coupling the electric motor is subjected

The life of the bearings and the mechanical efficiency is directly related to the form that is used to transmit the power that is provided by the electric motor. Ideally, the transmissions do not cause large loads to the bearings.

Direct coupling can be rigid and elastic and has low cost, safety, absence of slip and how has no radial loads on the bearings, but it is necessary that the electric motor shaft is perfect and aligned with the axis of the driven machine way.

Coupling called elastic is most commonly used to compensate for small radial and longitudinal movements having different angles on electric motor Koyo Bearing 32309JR shafts. The elastic coupling allows shocks to be absorbed at startup and in reversing and mounting the electric motor with elastic coupling that is simple.

Studies on electric motor

Look start your preparation course electric motors from qualified institutions for this purpose. Today there are many companies that offer courses and will not be hard to find. It is important that you are aware that there were options online and also face and you need to choose the best methodology.

With so many options to start their preparatory course on electric motor is important to give preference to one that has a more recognized qualification. Quality is always a very important requirement when it comes to preparatory courses, regardless of what the area.

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Studies on the electric motor can be made in various ways. Recently, we have many courses being sold in the virtual market and can be a great alternative for that professional that does not have a specific routine and time to devote to classroom courses. Each should be organized in the best possible way to start the preparatory course.

Three-phase electric motor is the most used in the industrial sector

The three-phase electric motor is nothing more than a capable engine from the energy that is generated by transforming it into mechanical energy electricity. The three-phase electric motor is powered by the three-phase networks and has a wide range of forms and types of connections and because of their versatility is a leading electric motor, as it has several advantages.


The three-phase electric motor is very used in the industrial sector and this electric motor is applied in the industrial sector, it presents the most cost-effective when compared to other engines that are on the market.

The three-phase electric motor must be suitable to their purpose and also related to how it will be installed. The installation must have accredited professionals, because this electric motor has several voltages of electricity and this brings risk the physical integrity of those who make the handling of the electric motor and the space where the electric motor will be installed.

Electric motor should not be repaired when it suffers damage

Many believe that recondition the electric motor is the best solution to spend less, but when the problem is presented in the motor rewinding this is not the best solution.

Fix the motor rewinding is not ideal because the costs using the wrong electric motor will be greater than save just buying the piece to make the purchase.

By fixing the rewinding, this does not mean that the old electric motor work as well before he was affected by this problem because the workshop will repair not always have the same materials that are used by the electric motor manufacturer and this will result in various losses, overheating, power loss and also large increase in the consumption of electricity.

When a company chooses to fix and do not buy a new electric motor it loses a great opportunity to buy a more modern electric motor rated for 600 bolts and below and thus loses having an electric motor of high performance to improve your equipment frame.